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I am proud to make all of Hathaway Knives components in Casper, Wyoming. No knife leaves the shop without being quality-controlled and approved for sale. The longevity of every knife is ensured for every customer because of the small batches these knives are manufactured in.

Hathaway Knives are made with an integral 6AL4V titanium handle, S35VN blade, and 17-4 stainless steel hardware. Each part is made specifically for the knife being built from start to finish. The materials have been selected for their overall toughness, longevity, and corrosion resistant properties.
Upgradable components are available through the web store singularly at time of purchase. To purchase an upgrade as an addition at a later date, buyer(s) will need to purchase a return kit. Components are available for all models of knife (Saros, Saros XL, Anura, Anura XL).
  • United States Return Mailer $35.00
  • International $135.00

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