The Saros: Titanium

The Saros was designed to be the quintessential everyday carry knife. Rugged enough to withstand the work and uses in the machine shop. Cutting pallet straps, thick webbing and plastic off of steel and other hard materials. The design was focused on strength and rigidity while maintaining sleek ergonomics to not be noticeable in the pocket.


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Knives made in the USA

The Soros design was based around simplicity. I wanted to eliminate every unnecessary component to create a solid knife in as close to one-piece as I could. This left me with five machined components that I make in my shop and two bearings that I buy from within the United States.

The hardware is all made of 316 food grade stainless steel. This blend of stainless is notoriously resilient to machining and I chose it because I wanted the hardware to bend before it would break. The “gummy” property’s of 316 stainless are perfect for the application.

6al4v Grade 5 Titanium Handle

The knife handle is made from aerospace titanium and was chosen for its incredibly durable properties. The alloy is corrosion resistant in normal use but also resistant to corriosion from industrial applications, meaning you don’t have to worry about how you use your Saros, it can hold up to the task.

S35Vn Blade Steel

The blade is S35Vn, a stainless steel development by Crucible Industries. S35Vn is a tough steel, almost stainless but remaining very hard, wear resistant, and resistant to chipping.

The Saros blade is 3/16” thick and has a 3.00” cut length. This makes for a 3.625 overall length.  

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Knife assembly

The knife has a specific order and process it must be assembled in order to get all the components to mesh properly.  The first few times the blade is actuated the bearings cold forge custom races to meet the specific tolerances of the knife. This not only creates a perfect union between all components it also hardens the material where it meets the bearings.