Introducing the Saros XL: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship and Performance

Discover the Saros XL, a knife that redefines excellence in design and functionality. This extraordinary tool is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Here’s what sets the Saros XL apart:

Precision-Crafted Titanium Handle: Crafted from a single piece of integral 6AL4V Grade 5 titanium, the Saros XL’s handle is a marvel of engineering. With a generous 5-inch length, it provides a comfortable and secure grip, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of tasks. The titanium handle not only ensures exceptional strength but also adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday carry.

Custom Hardened Stainless Steel Hardware: The Saros XL features custom hardened 17-4 stainless steel hardware, meticulously engineered for precision and longevity. The T45 and T10 hardware components guarantee the knife’s durability and functionality even under the most demanding conditions, setting it apart from ordinary folding knives.

Reliable Stainless Steel Clip: Equipped with a robust 17-4 stainless steel clip, the Saros XL ensures secure and convenient carry. Whether attached to your pocket, belt, or gear, this clip provides reliable retention and easy access to your knife, ensuring it’s always within reach when you need it.

Custom Titanium Anodized Clip Bolt: The attention to detail is exemplified by the custom titanium anodized clip bolt, fastened with a T25 torque specification. This distinctive bolt not only enhances the knife’s aesthetics but also showcases the dedication to craftsmanship that goes into every Saros XL.

High-Performance S35VN Blade: The heart of the Saros XL is its 4-inch S35VN blade, designed for exceptional cutting performance and durability. Backed by a lifetime warranty and sharpening service, this blade is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re slicing, dicing, or piercing, the Saros XL’s blade delivers superior results with every use.

Elevate your everyday carry with the Saros XL, a knife that combines the elegance of titanium craftsmanship with the reliability of high-grade materials. From its precision-engineered hardware to its top-tier blade, the Saros XL is the embodiment of excellence. Make it a part of your daily adventures and experience unparalleled performance and style.


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Uncover the marvel that is the Saro XL—a symphony of style and practicality in one extraordinary knife. Meticulously conceived, this blade stands as a dependable tool for daily tasks while sparking conversations among enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the exceptional traits that define it:

Unmatched Elegance: The Saro XL boasts meticulous attention to detail, flaunting a sleek, minimalist one-piece handle design. Forged from 6AL4V titanium, the handle’s refined construction transforms it into an elegant canvas that captures attention and elevates it beyond the ordinary.

Seamless Portability: Equipped with a discreet deep carry 17-4 stainless steel tip-up clip, the Saro XL ensures effortless, convenient portability. Placed on the lock side of the knife, this clip guarantees secure, comfortable carrying, keeping the Saro XL within reach for all your adventures.

Unyielding Durability: Crafted for resilience, the Saro XL is an embodiment of strength and durability. Its handle, fashioned from 6AL4V titanium renowned for its lightweight yet robust properties, ensures the knife stands strong against the rigors of everyday use, emerging as a steadfast companion for any scenario.

Precision at its Core: Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Saro XL delivers precise performance. Its meticulously balanced blade offers impeccable cutting prowess, seamlessly transitioning between opening packages and preparing meals. Embrace effortless precision in your daily activities with the Saro XL by your side.

Elevate Your Everyday: Beyond being a mere tool, the Saro XL encapsulates style, function, and craftsmanship. Elevate your personal ensemble and wield a reliable tool with this remarkable design. Tailor-made for collectors and enthusiasts, the Saro XL effortlessly harmonizes captivating aesthetics with practicality.

A Fusion of Artistry and Utility: Immerse yourself in the union of artistic finesse and utilitarian excellence with the Saro XL. Elevate your everyday carry and let this exceptional knife become an integral part of your daily escapades.

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