SAROS Honeycomb Pocketknife


The SAROS Honeycomb pocketknife stands as a beacon of robust refinement, featuring a solid titanium build enhanced with a striking geometric pattern. It’s designed for the discerning user who demands resilience and efficiency, offering a knife that excels in both durability and functionality. With a construction that’s both stylish and sturdy, it’s equipped for any situation, boasting a blade engineered for precise action. Ideal for the serious adventurer or the everyday carry enthusiast, the SAROS is the definitive tool for those who seek reliable sophistication in their daily equipment.

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A fan favorite: the SAROS Honeycomb pocketknife, a striking fusion of minimalist design and practical functionality, ideal for everyday carry aficionados and knife collectors. This variant stands out with its unparalleled craftsmanship, integrating a distinctive honeycomb pattern that enhances both aesthetics and grip.

Refined Aesthetics and Craftsmanship:

The SAROS Honeycomb features a one-piece handle adorned with a captivating honeycomb design, meticulously crafted from premium 6AL4V grade 5 titanium. This intricate pattern not only adds visual interest but also provides a unique tactile experience, setting a new standard in knife design with its blend of elegance and innovative simplicity.

Versatile and Discreet Carry:

Equipped with a deep carry 17-4 stainless steel tip-up clip, the SAROS Honeycomb offers convenient and secure portability. This feature, combined with the knife’s unique design, makes it a preferred choice for those who seek both functionality and style in their everyday carry.

Durable and Robust Construction:

Constructed with the same high-quality 6AL4V grade 5 titanium, the SAROS Honeycomb maintains the durability and strength the SAROS series is known for. Its robust build ensures long-lasting reliability and performance, ready to face the demands of daily activities.

Superior Cutting Performance:

The SAROS Honeycomb is more than its striking looks; it boasts a well-balanced blade that provides exceptional cutting efficiency. Perfect for a variety of tasks, from opening packages to culinary preparations, this knife ensures precision and ease of use.

Elevate Your Everyday Carry:

The SAROS Honeycomb pocketknife is not just a tool but a statement of sophisticated design and practicality. It is an exceptional addition to any EDC collection, merging the minimalist allure of the honeycomb pattern with the functionality demanded by knife enthusiasts and collectors.

Experience the blend of artistry and utility with the SAROS Honeycomb pocketknife. Upgrade your everyday carry with this distinctive, high-performance tool, designed for those who value unique design and reliable functionality.

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SAROS Pocketknife Specifications:

  • Overall Length 7.09”
  • Handle Length 4.0”
  • Cutting Length 2.87”
  • Profile Depth (w/ clip) 0.49”
  • Profile Depth (w/o clip) 0.37”
  • Weight 2.6oz