Hathaway Knives Flexfit Hat


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Gear up with a Hathaway Knives FlexFit hat, built for the best. Merging unrivaled durability with sleek style, these hats represent a brand that stands for excellence, making them perfect for any activity, whether you’re working hard in the shop or exploring the great outdoors.

Let’s talk about Flexfit: Crafted with precision, the FlexFit brand hats always ensure a secure fit that stands up to the elements. These hats are everywhere and there’s obviously a good reason for that! Ideal for the trail or the town, they keep you cool and in command.

Also – the most important part – Score a chance to win a SAROS pocketknife, (Hathaway Knives’ most sought-after blade), with every online purchase! Buy a hat, get a 1-in-50 shot at this top-tier blade.

To enter, you must be over 18 and have a valid ID. This helps keeps us fair and legal when gifting our knives. If luck is on your side, we’ll deliver the SAROS directly to your door, as a thank you for supporting our products and brand.

Elevate your gear with a Hathaway Knives FlexFit hat. Snag yours now for a shot at the legendary SAROS knife. Join a community that prizes tough style and supreme craftsmanship.

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