The Quintessential HATHAWAY KNIVES every day carry 

A knife is a tool, and the Saros like any tool it is meant to be ready to use whenever you need it. The Saros is a minimalist knife by designed with an flashy integral titanium handle for a simple design providing maximum performance, while maintaining a sleek uncommon elegance.

Made in the USA

Hathaway Knives is proud to make all of its parts in Casper, Wyoming. No knife leaves the shop without being quality controlled and approved for sale. Because these knives are made in small batches, the longevity of every knife is ensured for every customer. 


The knives are made using a combination of CNC machining and hand finishing using several processes. With the exception of the bearings, each part is made in a vertical machining center, cut specifically to fit each build uniquely, in house. 


Hathaway Knives are made with an integral titanium handle, S35VN blade, and 316 stainless steel hardware. Each part is made specifically for the Saros from start to finish and every material is selected for its function.